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Boing-Boing Book Reviews

“Boing-Boing is a welcome relief to the majority of children’s science books.”

- 21st Century Science

“This one of a kind eccentric and intriguing picture book tells the story of Daniel who cannot have a pet because he is allergic to cats. Enter Professor George who is inspired by the challenge of creating a bionic cat. The right reader/listener will be mesmerized by this glimpse into the world of robot engineering.”

- Parent's Choice Magazine

“A delightful tale told in colorfully down-home drawings and shrewd text…There ought to be more Boing-Boings in the world…Soft words and pictures create a world of fabulous invention.”

- The Book Reader

“The stories, about a young boy and his bionic cat called Boing-Boing, are nothing like the recent craze for witches and wizards. Like many children’s books Boing-Boing and his owner have fantastic adventures, but what set the stories apart is the fact that they are scientifically accurate. That is because author Larry Hench is also a world-renowned scientist. He draws on 40 years of experience in the fields of materials science, bioengineering and medicine to create the wonderful adventures.”

- Petersfield Herald (Hampshire, UK)

Young Reader's Reviews

“I thought the book was interesting because it brought fiction and fact together in one story.”

- Tissica S. (3rd grade)

“I think the story was awesome. It was so good I am going to give you some good ideas for a good Boing-Boing story. Dan and Boing-Boing were walking to the candy store and all the people were looking at Boing-Boing. Dan was really embarrassed. So he ran and his face was so red that it looked like it was going to POP! His mom was making popcorn. He wanted to have another friend to play with. One day Professor George heard that Dan wanted another friend so as soon as he got home he gives his wife a kiss and went down to his lab and makes a bionic dog.”

- Tery L. (3rd grade)

“I think the book was cool! The cat’s fur was weird. I liked it when the cat said BOING-BOING! It was funny!! I hope you write a lot more books because they are funny to me! We’ll see ya! PS: Boing-Boing!!!!!”

- Dianza S. (3rd grade)

“Last week I saw my little cousin and he really likes Boing-Boing. He has got posters and pictures of Boing-Boing and he kept asking me to read him the story. He can’t wait until the next one is out!”

- Haley F. (year 6)

“I liked the second Boing-Boing the bionic cat story because I like the way you have put in a new drive that scared the robber away when you squeezed his tail and he roars like a lion. Which book do you like to read? If you don’t mind writing back to me I would be delighted.”

- Tara D. (year 6)

“My overall opinion is that your book is very interesting and the way you put scientific words in it is good and introduces words to children that they might never heard of before.”

- Amrita S. (9 years old)

“I liked the book because of how clearly you explained how the cat works. It was quite funny when the cat said “BOING-BOING”. I think that it was a good idea because it made me laugh!”

- Janice P. (9 years old)

“Dear Professor Hench, I have read your book Boing-Boing the bionic cat once already and I think I will read it at least once or twice more this week. My first impressions of the story were that it was interesting because Daniel was allergic to cats and a professor made a cat that not one person was allergic to. I’m sure you put your own experiences into your stories as you are a scientist of ceramics and the research work you do at Imperial College. I know that I was going to be interested in the book when I saw on the cover that there was a computer in the cat’s stomach and its fur was made of fibre optic glass. Will you write a follow-up to Boing-Boing the Bionic Cat? Please write back so you can tell me when your next book is coming out and I’ll be your first buyer.”

- Adam K (9 years old)