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About the Author

Larry Hench

Larry L. Hench, Ph.D., is currently Director of Special Projects at the University of Central Florida and Visiting Professor at the University of Arizona. He served for ten years as Professor of Ceramic Materials at Imperial College, London and co-director of the Imperial College Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Centre. He also served as Professor of Material Science and Engineering for 32 years at The University of Florida. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering.

A world-renowned scientist, graduate of The Ohio State University, and Fellow of The American Ceramic Society and the U.K. Institute of Materials - Hench’s numerous achievements, honours, scholarly writings, and patents, over his 44-year career, span several fields; including: ceramics, glass and glass-ceramic materials, radiation damage, nuclear waste solidification, advanced optical materials, origins of life, ethics, technology transfer, bioceramics science, stem cells, clinical applications and zero carbon emissions structural materials.

He is credited with the discovery of Bioglass®, the first man-made material to bond to living bone-helping millions of people; and he continues to discover new applications in bioceramics for this amazing material.

His children’s books extend his love of teaching and science and engineering to a new generation. Everything built into the stories is scientifically valid and could be done. The inspiration for these books comes from his grandchildren.

Hench, an Ohio native, now divides his time between Fort Myers, Florida and Tuscon, Arizona.

Larry Hench