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Beginner's Adventure Box

Price $34.95


  • Books One & Two (See Books for Full Description)
  • Two Workbooks
  • Experiment Book with Ten Experiments
  • Electric Boing-Boing Assembly Experiment Kit
  • Ten Session Activity Plan
  • Self Study Supervisor's Guide for Ten Sessions of Activities


(Boing-Boing Activity Booklet

The Boing-Boing Activity Booklet contains fun and exciting tasks related to the stories in the first two Boing-Boing story books. These exercises will help you understand the science, engineering and technology in the books. They will also help you understand how Professor George built the bionic cat.

The 2 workbooks include an Engineer’s Corner where you will be challenged to compare the engineering features in Boing-Boing the Bionic Cat versus real cats and animals. The workbooks also contain a section called Professor George’s Workbench that offers an opportunity to explore the technology used to build the bionic cat. Each Workbook also includes Daniel’s Brain Teasers that ask you to help Professor George do some calculations needed to build the bionic cat. These challenges make math problems fun and exciting. Finally, the Workbook has a section called Amy’s Word Games that are fun word puzzles to solve using the content of the story books.

Electric Boing-Boing Kit

The kit makes it possible for you to build your own Boing-Boing the Bionic Cat. It contains an electric motor and an eccentric wheel that makes the cat move in a funny way after you assemble it. Only about a half hour is needed. Many hundreds of school kids have put together an Electric Boing-Boing and done the experiments described in the Experiment Book. It is fun to see how much action you can get from a simple kit that looks like Boing-Boing in the story books.

Experiment Book

Congratulations on building your own Electric Boing-Boing. Now that you have it up and running you can try out 10 experiments that explore how to make the cat go better and faster. You will be able to make your own measurements and plot the data and predict how your Boing-Boing moves under different conditions. Your results can be compared with those of friends. After completing the experiments you will have the data to modify Boing-Boing to make it play soccer using a Ping-Pong ball!

Activity Plan

The 10 session ACTIVITY PLAN provides many suggestions of how the storybooks, workbooks and Electric Boing-Boing Kit can be used together to make an exciting, fun-filled and educational program. Each session is divided into segments with suggested time lines; A Review, Reading, Workbook Exercises, Building the Electric Boing-Boing Kit, Experiments with the Kit. Each session builds progressively towards an understanding of the many technological features and human elements of the stories and integrates the science and technology with reading and hands-on activities that provide stimulation to children with all levels of ability.

Supervisor's Guide

The Supervisor’s Guide is designed to help an adult lead the children’s activities. Each of the 10 sessions in the Activity Plan is accompanied by a seperate description in the Supervisor’s Guide to enhance the understanding of the children of their reading and activities. Questions and answers are provided that describe and explore the technology incorporated in the story books and still keep the content fun and exciting. The Supervisor’s Guide often can aid an adult in understanding topics that are new to them as well as the children!